Witchway Shetland Sheepdogs
LiseLotte Norrblom
Hällbygatan 8, 752 28 Uppsala, Sweden
Tel: 018 - 519066       E-mail: witchway@telia.com

Photo July 2008 - from left:
"Ärtan" - Witchway Magic-Blackpea (Baronets Midnight News ex Beastcave Witchcraft) 13 years
"Wilma" - Witchway Magic Black Velvet (Lundecock's Pure Passion ex Beastcave Witchcraft) 11 years
"Disa" - Witchway Trace Of An Angel (Fornbro's Specific Showman ex Witchway Eyes Of An Angel) 10 months
"Ida" - Witchway Ebony Eyes (Ch Shellrick's Lucky Luke ex Witchway Magical Blue Eye) 7 years
"Mischa" - Witchway Eyes Of An Angel (Eastdale Classic Black Fabilius ex Witchway Magical Blue Eye) 6 years


I have been Sheltieowner since 1972 when my family bought a little tricolour bitch.  We had some litters in the end of 1970th, sable and tricolours!  After quite a long time we in 1995 come back with having litters....

Today I have 6 Shelties, blue merle and tricolours and only bitches !

Photo: Witchway Magical Blue Eye 
(Baronets Midnight News ex Beastcave Witchcraft)


Updated May 2009